I'm Spunky. I've been a photographer for just over two years, starting in early 2022. I strive for a fine look and feel to my photos, inspired by the style of portraits from decades past; I want to make fursuiters look soft, warm, and pretty, just like they are in person.

 I'm one of the two photographers working on Chasing Tail Magazine, a fursuit pinup and furry entertainment magazine. Outside of the fandom, I'm a part-time professional photographer, focusing on portraiture, cities and countryside, and still life work.

 My biggest inspirations are pictorialists from the early 20th century, in particular William Mortensen and Rudolf Koppitz; I particularly love how kinetic or stoic their subjects appear, and the way they construct scenes with literal sets or through composition. More contemporary, I look up to ex-Playboy photographer Ken Marcus and his soft-focus erotic portraiture.

 I personally strive to do everything "honestly" and in-camera. The look and feel, characteristics of, and effects in my photography are accomplished exclusively through lighting, filtration, composition, exposure, darkroom manipulation, and the choice of lens and film stock. I will never use any kind of digital photomanipulation, including any sort of airbrushing, composition, "photoshopping," content-aware fill, AI, or any similar tricks. I want my photography to be and represent honest artwork.

 These photos of me were shot by my friend and colleague, Caesar Snep.
 Check out more of his work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/caesarsnep